The Red Carpet/Bridal Connection

The connection between the red carpet and bridal fashions run a lot deeper than just designer overlap. Sure you can see Marchesa, Vera, Monique, and Junko all worn by celebrities on the red carpet, but might surprise you is how similar many of these dresses are. Fashion is a big influence on bridal, but it looks like bridal has started to become a big influence on fashion.

If you think about the way that designer gowns have become mainstream, that even the most exclusive lines in the world have entry price point accessories, it makes total sense. The two worlds are now talking to each other more than ever before, and girls don't just want cheap knock-offs, they're looking for authentic inspiration from glamorous celebrity gowns.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Oscars, and how they compare with the most recent bridal collections:

Sandra Bullock: While I think the billowly proportion on the top was wrong, this Marchesa reminds me so much of an Augusta Jones dress we have. Drop waist with a little sparkle brings that 30's shape back in a modern way!

Milla Jovavich:
Look for this look translated verbatim for bridal next year. Same color, same glitz, same off the shoulder swank and sophistication.

Stacy Keibler: This is the way to do draping, and it's so similar to many rouched dresses we have, complete with the swirl/rosette detail. Her best accessory? George Clooney!


Judy Greer: Monique has been applying lace scallops down the middle front of her dresses for two seasons now. And here's the translation into evening gowns, looks just as stunning both ways, and expect more of this idea from the ultimate bridal taste maker!


Octavia Spenver: For any bridal designer reading this: if you make it, they will buy! This could be the hottest dress in bridal next year, look for it!!!


Michelle Williams: Louis Vuitton/Lela Rose both know the perfect way to combine a highlighted tiny waist AND a figure hugging skirt while masking potentially problematic hips is the peplum. See how both use it in brilliant ways: Louis is red, Lela in white!


Viola Davis: Vera went from her regular inspiration with diamonds to emeralds with this dress. You'll see a lot of her signature move from her bridal collection: exposed boning in the bodice, an architectural neckline, and asymmetrically pleated skirt (check, check, and check in this dress from her last collection)