12 Reasons to Hire a Planner

As a continuation of my 2012 year of 12's, here's a list of a dozen great reasons to have a planner on your side when planning your big day

#12: Take your mind off the little stuff
Hiring a planner means things like hand-tying ribbons to chairs and dealing with a late vendor are off your plate, allowing you to focus on the parts of the wedding you find fun!

#11: Keep your wedding from getting in the way of work
Even better, if you have a demanding job that doesn't allow you to do wedding work full time, your planner can handle the brunt of the work, and make decisions on your behalf. They get to know you so well, you can let a lot of things go and know it'll be beautiful!

#10: Get custom tailored design advice
Websites and books are one thing, a real expert goes beyond the pictures into the heart of your style, and really mines it for options that aren't in the magazines...yet! They'll be on the cutting edge of wedding design, where publications of weddings can run a good several seasons later than the actual event!

#9:  Give yourself an ally
If you've got difficult in-laws, an aunt who thinks she's a "designer" or grumpy maids who don't want to do anything, having a professional backing you up can add more weight to what you say. They can go to bat for you in tricky situations and make sure you're really getting what you want.

#8: Access the best of the best
Many vendors may book our far in advance, or feel out of reach for brides. Having an insider who has connections could get you set up with the dress designer herself, or the photographer of your dreams who you thought was already booked.

#7: It'll save you time
Hands down, one of the biggest reasons to hire a planner is to save you time. They can really help when you are out of state or have a more complicated schedule.

#6: It'll save you money
People tend to think of planners as an added expense. But when you think that they will negotiate EVERY contract for you, many times you'll spend less on the wedding INCLUDING the planner than you would have without. Their business savvy will work to your advantage and they'll know how to maximize your budget

#5: Find "outside the box" solutions
Planner are problem solvers, and they can help when you just can't think of a solution. Need to change over an entire room from ceremony to reception? Have people flying in from 3 different airports, have a pregnant maid who can't fit into her dress? They've been there, and can really help work their magic to find solutions!

#4: Get things that aren't "on the menu"
There are the items in the glossy viewbooks or in the menu, but what if you want something else? Some vendors will do anything you ask, but you have to know how to ask it. That's what planners are great for, and when they may say "no" to a bride who they think doesn't know the biz, the same question might get a "yes" for your planner!

#3: Stay on budget
On the money subject, it can be hard to keep track of all that money and how it gets spent. Real, effective, dynamic budgets provided (and monitored) by your planner can make the different in keeping you in check.

#2: Get your overbearing family member off your back
Have your planner set people to busy work, let them run wild with details that don't matter to you, give yourself the upper hand by being able to tell them, "well, my planner says..." this can get you out of many a sticky situation

#1: Work with the best
Planners are the vendor who helps with every other vendor, and they know who is the best person for the job, not just who has the nicest ads, or hired the right salesperson. Their experience means you'll get paired with the right people for the job, and if they don't deliver, they risk damaging their relationships and not getting more work, which holds everyone extra accountable.

*baker's dozen, reason #13: Be prepared for everything
Your planner will be ready for everything from a blizzard to a broken bustle. Having someone who's seen it all means they'll be ready for the worst, and let you enjoy the best!