anna bé field trip - sara gabriel

I love field trips, even a super nerdy kid like myself who loved school couldn't resist the allure of taking a break from the every day and going somewhere special. And somehow, even after knowing Denver's veiling and headpiece guru, Sara Gabriel, I've never seen her shop where "all the magic happens". No matter how many times someone tells you about their products being handmade, it doesn't really sink in until you're standing there with the girls actually stitching veils, hand applying rhinestones, and finishing each piece with such care!

Stepping into the "veil lab" as I am now calling it, we were surrounded by huge cutting tables, each veil is laid out so all the trim and detailing can be applied, and then stitched unto combs. The girls use special knots that hold each piece together, ruff up the edges with a super secret technique (so secret we weren't even allowed to see it), and I have never found a company who did a more beautiful job packaging their pieces, even just for orders headed for the stores and not a particular bride.

There's a wall of trims that seems to go on for days, Sara even showed us a particular little crystal that is so popular, they go through over 100,000 every year! Yet Sara still looks over each and every order that comes through to make sure its right, and the girls always hand-sign a little "made with love" tag for each piece!
If there's one thing visiting Sara got me excited about, its sharing their care and craftsmanship with all our brides, it's that attention to detail that really won me over, and makes that special piece just a little extra special!


{left: shot of their inventory wall, right: a veil table}

{left: michal working on a veil, right: paula making a the flowers for the paige sash}

{left: michal sewing on the finishing touches to a veil, right: a paige sash in mid-production}

{tulle inventory}

{left: shot of a pair of raquel combs getting ready to be shipped out, right: sara gabriel's beautiful boxes}

{left: the sara gabriel team - mikael, sara, paula, and , right: sara giving anna bé the tour}


p.s. watch out for paula and her nerf gun!