Vera Vera Everywhere!

It's no surprise that Gossip Girl costume designer, Eric Daman went to Vera Wang for the Gossip Girl mid-season premiere wedding (to celebrate the 100th episode) and that he pulled three of her designs for the wedding (hmm, three Vera Wang's, was Eric looking to Kardashian's for this trend?) And he also pulled from three different lines from Vera: the "White" line carried at David's bridal for the bridesmaids, the regular collection for Serena's maid of honor dress ("Farrah" which we have in the store) and a Luxe dress for the main event, Blair's wedding gown.

Plus Blair trying on more Vera's, talking Vera, eating, sleeping, dreaming Vera... it's actually a little out of control. I expected Daman to do more, to have something custom made, to order in from Paris (LaCroix? Dior?) or go a little more off the wall (a Monique or even a Marchesa!) One wonders if Vera really does have the market cornered on tv/movie wedding dresses or if there's room for more designers to strut their stuff. Thank God for Carrie Bradshaw who went further and wore Westwood! So my challenge to Eric is this, if Blair's wedding should also last as long as Kim's, can we try something a little more out of the box next time around? Don't get me wrong, we love Vera too, we'd just like our other designers to get the love they deserve!