Love Illustrated

What makes a wedding special are all of the unique touches and really, could there be anything more unique than a custom illustration?  And really there's so many fun ways that the illustration can be incorporated into your wedding day: on a website if you're putting together one, love it on the save-the-date cards, and how cute would it be blown up and used as an alternate guest book. 

I recently stumbled across the fabulously talented Nan Lawson. I love that she describes her style as cute, quirky, and nerdy art and wanted one too!  It was a pretty simple process, but it did take a little bit of planning: 

1)  Get on the mailing list and then stalk it like crazy. Nan only releases a few custom portraits each week and they always sell out quickly.

2) Once you're selected, send a couple photos, describe the outfits you want to be wearing, and any other specific requests 

3) Voila! an illustration will be emailed to you and once approved you can go forth and use it in a myriad of ways (just keep in mind that not every illustrator will give you a digital file). 

Here's what mine looked like: 


And a few more from Nan:



Here's a few more resources that I love:
 (in case you'd rather show off your pet than yourselves)