Giving Thanks...

November: it's crisp weather, anticipation of ski season, and a lot of darkness. The darkness used to bother me, but now I find that it forces me to slow down and reminds me that November is the month to officially give thanks. So that’s what I’m doing now, because quite frankly I’ve got a whole lot to be thankful for. Let’s face it, my job is pretty awesome. I get to travel to uber-glam spots to bring back the very best in fashion and bridal. I get to work with an incredibly bright, talented and fun team. And best of all, I get to be invited into an incredibly special time of someone’s life. And I cannot thank brides enough for giving me the chance to share the experience with them, because it is more than just a dress or a day shopping, it’s a full experience. The other day, a bride’s friend commented to me that I must be getting immune to the emotions of the bride at this point, but the thing is I’m not. Sure, I’ve seen a LOT of brides, but every bride is different and every time I see that moment when a mom tells her daughter just how beautiful she is or a group of friends get to laugh together or a dad is here for the shopping, you might find me welling up. Sappy? Maybe, but I’m thankful that anna bé is trusted enough to get to be privy to these moments. I cannot believe that anna bé turns 6 this year!! We’ll of course be celebrating our birthday with some pretty fantastic gifts that weekend it's our chance to say quite simply, thank you.

Thank you,