A Crimson Red Wedding

Colorful wedding dresses have made their presence in collections for the past few seasons. From Vera Wang to Modern Trousseau, the use of scarlet red graced the runways. Although wearing a dress of any color beyond white may feel as though you are breaking tradition, the custom of wearing a white wedding dress was only established a little over 150 years ago.   

In western culture women have passed down the tradition of wearing white at their wedding to symbolize their purity. The white dress was originally worn by Queen Victoria in 1840 and became a symbol of wealth throughout Europe. If a bride could afford a white wedding dress, it communicated that she was wealthy enough to wear a dress that could be easily ruined by a spill and only worn once. The white dress soon became a symbol of purity thoughout the Victorian Era. Prior to the 1840's brides wore wedding dresses of a myriad of fabrics and colors. 

Today, a multitude of cultures use bright arrays of colors in the wedding from the ceremony to the last moments of the reception. In both China and India, the bride wears red. In China, brides wears red to symbolize prosperity and joy. In India, red is considered a lucky color and they wear red to bring luck and good fortune to the marriage. 

This past year, the vibrant, emotion evoking red made its debut in the mainstream western culture bridal industry. Most recently, two designers that anna bé is proud to carry, Vera Wang and Modern Trousseau have designed dresses in a multitude of scarlet shades.

Vera Wang designed her Spring 2013 Bridal Collection in red as "a celebration of love".  Anna bé will be hosting a Vera Wang trunk show November 9-11 showcasing the spring 2013 collection. 

Vera Wang dresses from the Spring Collection 2013

Vera Wang dresses from the Spring Collection 2013

 Modern Trousseau Valentine