Finished in Lace: DIY Lace Wedding Decorations

Some of the best things in life are homemade and for this reason wedding inspired DIY projects will be highlighted each month. This month I created a lace bowl. You could make your own to hold cards at your wedding or make a hanging lace lamp to decorate the venue. The options are endless and it will add a touch of romance. 

I originally was inspired by an image I found of a hanging lace lamp on Pinterest. Instead of using a balloon to create the form for the lace I used a ceramic bowl. I started from the bottom, placed the lace on the form and coated it in liquid starch. I worked down the bowl layering the lace and allowed the bowl to dry for 24-48 hours. The bowl now resides at Anna Bé bridal boutique, adding a bit of soft romance to our Soirée boutique downstairs!

Good luck with your own lace creation!

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