Winter Flowers

These days it seems like nothing has a season, anyone will be willing to grow specialized flowers to ship around the country (or around the world) for you. But often that can come at a hefty price tag, and isn't exactly the most eco-friendly option when there are flowers all year round that bloom in different seasons.
Given how dormant the ground seems during winter, you think it'd be harder for winter brides to find an assortment of flowers, but there are lots of blooms that do wonderfully in this chilly time of year. Some of my favorites are amaryllis, camellias, cymbidium orchids, ranunculus, and sweat pea! The colors are equally as varied, but given the soft winter light I think blushes and pinks with pale icy green succulents look the best. Mix and match from these different types, and remember, some of the classics (roses, calla lily's gardenias and orchids) are fairly abundant year round!

{amaryllis bouquet}

{camellia bouquet}

{cymbidium orchids}

{ranunculus bouquet}

{sweet pea}