Daily Deals for Brides - DressRush.com

I might be one of the only guys whose inbox daily gets updates from Vera, the Knot, and various other bridal sites scattered across the interweb. But there's one in particular I'm really glad I get. A few months ago I was checking out one of my beautiful brides who was featured on Style Me Pretty, and I came across a little something called DressRush. So what is dressrush you may ask? It's a new daily deal site specifically for weddings. The idea is brilliant, there are so many little pieces to the wedding puzzle, and we're constantly in need of a little this or that, so now there's one spot to look for a hook-up with any part of your wedding. I've gotten deals in my inbox from stationary to bridesmaids dresses, to favors and more. It takes just a few seconds to peruse, and even if it's not the deal for you, it's a free bit of inspiration delivered every morning in your inbox. Deals last from 24 hours to a full week, and with each purchase you also get credit towards your next deal. So, if you're in the market for lots of little wedding goodies, and are already a groupon/living social/daily deals user, check it out!