Five Ideas to Steal, from FIVE!

We had a blast at our five-year birthday bash, and wanted to thank everyone who was able to make it. We partied like rock stars..well, rock stars who are in bed by midnight anyway, and we're so thrilled with the way the whole event looked. So, after putting this huge party together, what moments really stood out and are worth repeating at your wedding. Here's are list of top FIVE favorites from FIVE!

5. Mixologist!

You know why there was a line all night in the speakeasy? Because people love cool drinks, and who has 15 ingredients lying around and a draw full of specialized tools to make these custom drinks? It really feels like a treat to have a skilled bartender mixing up delicious libations that put you in a party mood, and we were thrilled everyone got into the era-themed custom cocktails!


4. Video!

You only occasionally caught a glance, but having video playing through a party actually stimulates energy and movement. The constant running of a movie on the screen means people who were taking a breather had something to watch, and keeping it on a loop all night added to continuity! We just took shots around the store and made a short movie with title screens, thanking our sponsors, but running a slideshow, playing a fav flick of yours if you're movie buffs, or hiring a videographer to make a short movie with the two of you to play at the wedding are other great uses of a space with screens already set up!




3. Vignettes!

One of my favorite things is the fact that there were all kinds of nooks and crannies to discover around the space. Old dressers with luminaries in the drawers, swags of curtains creating a miniature seating area. a self-serve candy bar, al these little spots gave me places to go and things to discover, and I doubt I saw it all! And even though they were all done by different planners with different themes, the overall vibe totally worked, and the variety was refreshing as opposed to just having everything look like a perfect match. There are great props people in Denver who design looks for theater, and would add those perfect touches of something different for your wedding!


2. Dance Break!

Professional dancers is one of the best form of entertainment at a big celebration. They're live right on the dance floor with you, add a little performance element, and inspire people to get on the dance floor! It breaks the ice when no one wants to be the first ones on the dance floor to bust a move, and seeing professionals strut their stuff just might inspire your guests to cut a rug and really let loose!


 1. Having everyone there!

We know getting a huge group together, getting a large space, coordinating a big celebration is a lot of work! But at the end of the day, we were so happy we got to see so many people we love! From all the vendors, tons of former brides, and lots of new faces of girls who either just bought or were still in the market for a dress! Lots of people on the dance floor, tons of mingling, and just the buzz you only get with a big group, so thanks to everyone who came, you're our favorite part!