Whose shoes do you choose?

{photo credit brinton studios}

{photo credit lindsay b}

There are choices you never really think about until you're there, and you'd be surprised how little things can turn into big things if you are less than specific. Case in point: are you choosing shoes for anyone else? Are you setting what shoes your bridesmaids are wearing? Are you buying them or are they? Do they have to find their own, but choose a certain color? Does your mom want to coordinate as well? What about your flower girl? Does she get the same type of shoe, just in flats? Does she wear white because her dress is white? What if everyone else is wearing colored shoes? Welcome to a world of choices that you didn't know existed!

If you really want a uniform look, pick a conservative middle ground that everyone can comfortably wear (some girls will be fine in all stilletos, others might need flats) If you're thinking different shoe heights, make sure the color and sheen match, it is okay to ask for shoe approval from bridesmaids, as long as you can give them reasonable price options if the pair in their closet doesn't work. And if you really want something high-end for all your girls, consider making it part of their bridesmaids gift, no one wants to be forced into a $500 pair of shoes on top of everything else they're committing to the wedding!

Flowergirls traditionally wear all white no matter what, but ballet flats or mary janes that match the rest of the party are cute too. Ringbearers, ushers, groomsmen should all have the same color/type of shoes as well.

And as far as matching you? You get to so whatever you want! Don't worry about coordinating with anyone else, you are your own statement on the wedding day, so let your look be unique from head to toe, literally!