"Before you leave for the day...take one thing off" - Coco Chanel

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There is something so elegant about simplicity, and when you're in crazed million and one things to bring together wedding mode, it's easy to forget to leave some things out, intentionally. The editing process is an essential part of the creative process, you have to try stuff, put it all together, and see what you just don't need. Removing a sentence can make an entire paragraph or even chapter of a novel clearer. Removing 1-2 pillows can make a sofa remain stylish and not cross over into garish. Excess is made to be tempered with moderation, otherwise it looks like a design magazine exploded everywhere. So whether its jewelry, tablescapes, makeup, dessert, find at least one thing to take away to help clear your palate, and help the whole event feel easier and more elegant.