Golden Globe Fashion Report

Ah celebrities, what a funny world where we get to pick apart complete strangers in the name of entertainment. Celebrities often become our closest connection to the world of fashion, and can inspire us when it comes to shopping. I've seen red carpet gowns as inspiration for many a wedding dress, and I've seen some designers sneak wedding dress designs (in another color usually) onto the red carpet. So who soared and who tripped and stumbled last weekend at the Golden Globes. Here's a look from both Joy and Michael's perspectives.


Jessica Chastain.  
J - This dress would have been perfect on Michelle Williams and suited her personality better.  Charlize Theron or Anne Hathaway also could have pulled it off in a different way, but on Jessica its just not working.

M - I honestly didn't know Jessica, so originally I thought "what a pretty and age appropriate dress"... until I found out that she wasn't pushing 50. baad neckline!

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Jessica Biel.  
J - Aside from the weird third boob issue, this dress would be perfect for someone like Kirsten Dunst, who would have styled it completely different and made it feel more special.  Biel's hair and makeup were good but would have been better with a different dress...

M - Biel just isn't cool enough to rock this covered lace look. It made me think more rocker chick, you know tattoos peaking through and electric pick eyeshadow

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Evan Rachel Wood.  
J - How old is this girl?  I'm too lazy to google, but this dress would be perfect for someone in their 40's like Julianne Moore.

M - I don't know what Joy is talking about, sure that plunge neckline would be super hot on Julianne, but I think she looks amazing. sparkle, feathers, yes please!

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Sarah Michelle Gellar.  
J - This silk faille dress must have been amazing in person, but SMG just doesn't seem to have a big enough personality to carry it.  I would have preferred to see it on someone like Cameron Diaz.

M - No thank you, the white is just too bright, and reminds me of a bad tie-dye job

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Claire Danes
J - loved everything about this dress, nothing bad to say.

M - loved the dress from the back, little doudy in the front



Octavia Spencer.
J - she could not have chosen a better dress for her figure, she looked fantastic

M - THIS IS HOW FULL FIGURED WOMEN SHOULD DRESS! Perfect color, shape, fit, coverage!

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Ariel Winter.  
J - I loved the purple, and the shape was fresh and age appropriate, so cute!

M - color, style, bodice, all great, but the shape/volume of the skirt was just wrong

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Zooey Deschanel.
J - Good, BUT I hated her hair

M - I liked it too, may the hair was a touch too mod



Natalie Portman.
J -  It seems as though her bad life decisions are also affecting her style.  Pink taffeta?  Really?  Didn't you win this thing last year??

M - nobody looks good with an extra 6" width of fabric hanging off their hip.... no one!

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Mila Kunis.  
J - I know she has a deal with Dior, but it wasn't just the dress, her makeup was also meh.  It must be a black swan curse.

M - pretty, but kind of a snooze fest

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Reese Witherspoon.  
J - Was she going for playboy bunny or jessica rabbit?

M - Reese, put your hair up, this ain't the Country Music Awards!



Tina Fey
J - Love her, hate every single thing she has ever worn on the red carpet

M - Couldn't agree more. While the color could have worked, that is just not her shape!



Nicole Kidman
J - Is it me or does the bust looks ilke 2 pac mans heading toward each other?

M - Couldn't agree less, this might be my favorite look on the night (and that might just be me too) She looks flawless in Versace, there's no one I'd rather be walking into an awards show with.

Have your own thoughts? Want to weight in? We'd love to hear what you think!!!