How much is too much? ...dress that is.

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I want to clear up a common quandary I come across in bridal appointments. The idea of a dress being "too much". Now yes it is possible to overwhelm yourself with dress. Super petite girls wearing dresses the size of a Gypsy wedding, that sort of thing. And it is possible to go too formal, full satin ballgown at City Hall would be a bit overkill. But as long as you're not getting ridiculous, it's hard to have "too much dress".

Think about it, this is a once in a lifetime shot to indulge that more decadent side, to enjoy detail and volume and shine. It's pretty impossible to give the impression that your wedding dress is out of place at your own wedding (previous examples excluded), guests will always expect you to be the belle of the ball... even in your own backyard.

The key to keeping your look in line with the style of your wedding is by, well, styling. Think of the accessories. If your dress is beaded, you might just need the simplest of earrings. A full lace dress? Perhaps a full lace veil might be tip the scale, the dress is the important part, so let yourself shine in that first, then let your accessories be dictated by formality, style, feel.

And there's not much weight to the idea that your dress can be wrong for your venue either. I mean if you love the dress, and you love the venue, than obviously there's a connection right there. It it's continuity you're looking for, remember you don't want to get matchy-matchy, juxtaposition is your friend. A very modern clean-line dress can be just the thing to take a romantic flower garden weddings and saving it from looking too Disney!

Remember all the elements of your wedding are about surround yourselves with things that are special (friends, food, laughter, music included!) so don't let your venue "style" be more important than your own! Trust me, it's not "too much".

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