Choosing Sides

For those with less wedding experience some of the rules can be a bit confusing. Brides side on the left, grooms on the right, work out to in with your silverware, start your dance with a step to the left, wait, or was that right? And styling a bride can bring up the same problems. Should your birdcage veil go in on the left or the right? How about the detail on your sash? Or should it be centered? Hopefully this will give you food for though on choosing sides with your bridal accessories, but ultimately, it's whatever you like the look of best.

Birdcage veils
If made symmetrically, it usually makes the most sense to center it on your head, just remember to keep the first kiss in mind, if it's not easy to pull back, keep your lips out from under the veil

If cut favoring one side, place the comb on the side your part your hair, it'll feel balanced on your face because it's coming from a certain point. If your hair isn't parted, or is down the middle, place it over your right eye to show up more when in the ceremony, or over the left eye if you want it to be more discreet when you're standing in front of everyone.

{collette veil by sara gabriel}



Traditional veils
My favorite placement is on the crown of your head, have someone set your veil so that you can't see any of the "pouf" on top from the front, but you can't see any hair uncovered above your veil from the back, that's the sweet spot. The further forward you place your veil, the more pouf that's going to show, and the more the veil will hug around your shoulders. The further back, the more discreet and more likely it will be to get very narrow as you're walking.

{dahlia veil by sara gabriel}


Sashes and belts
When placing something with a regular pattern or a distinct center, line the center right up with your belly button! If it's an asymmetrical design, place it off towards the side (again, it'll show more at the ceremony if you place it on the right hip, less on the left).


{sara gabriel paige & haleigh sash}              


Dresses with strong asymmetrical necklines
Balance the look and create elongating diagonal lines by keeping details on the opposite side of your dress detail,if all the detail is one-side heavy it might look like you're off balance and about to topple.

Bracelets and rings
Move your engagement ring and place bracelets on your right hand. They'll show up more in pictures, and won't compete with your wedding ring. Once your wedding ring is on, switch your engagement ring back, keeping the wedding band on and "closer to your heart", but leave your bracelet on the right for balance.