So what is a Trunk Show anyway?

With Trunk Show season right around the corner (Junko Yoshioka coming up next!), we wanted to answer a couple questions about what a trunk show really is. Hopefully, armed with the right info, you can make the most of your trunk show experience!

A trunk show is like a fashion show, but without the models. At a fashion show, you get a chance to see a whole array of pieces from a designer, and they are worn by models to show off their fit and design. Well, you care about what a dress looks like on YOU, not a model, right? So imagine a big trunk packed full of amazing gowns brought in special just for the weekend, so you can try them on in addition to all the styles we usually have.

Some trunk shows are even brought in my the designer or a member of their team, so you get to ask them specialized questions (since often the dresses are brand new to us, and we don't know all the options available.) The designers might even give away gifts. Sometimes they'll offer to pay for your custom measurements, or a special change, and added to the 10% discount we offer in celebration of the designer, you can get a great deal. How cool if you actually get to meet the designer of your dress?!

Trunk shows are the perfect time to shop if you already know a certain designer is totally your thing, but you want to see more of their collection, or if there's a special dress in mind that we can have brought in on the trunk show for you. They are also great if you're deciding between two dresses and one of them is from the trunk show designer; they might have a new dress that has elements of both that you love, or help you with that extra little discount to make one more affordable.

The most important thing to remember about a Trunk Show is you're still just trying on a sample, so you can order that style brand new. In other words, it's not buying the dresses you see off the rack, it's still putting in a special order for the dress of your dreams. But it does mean however that if the dress is just visiting us, you won't be able to show her off to anyone until your dress comes in about four months later, so be prepared with a camera phone and mom on speed dial when you find it!