Coming Next - LUXE from Vera Wang

I walked into Anna Bé for my first interview really only knowing one bridal designer, Vera Wang. Now years later though I know so many I can barely count them all, the one I keep coming back to is my first and greatest love, Ms. Wang. Vera, or V as I like to call her when I imagine we're friends, changed the industry when she infused fashion into bridal and it caused a revolution; away from boring cookie cutter dresses to gowns that push artistic boundaries while celebrating the beauty of the bride.

Not only are we the exclusive carriers of Vera Wang's bridal collection in the region, but now we're part of the inner circle, offering Vera's Luxe line to Colorado brides. Think of it as a personal invitation to see what's happening next in bridal: this is the part of the collection that gets Vera's extra love and care. These are the dresses that everyone tries to emulate, and get magazine's all a twitter. The dresses that we gasp from the first moment we see them on the runway. All made in house by Vera Wang's own seamstresses, they're all made for your height so you don't have to hem any of the beauty away. Designed with every little detail in mind, layered and crafted one piece at a time, if you are ready for a dress unlike anyone else's Anna Bé and Luxe now have you covered!

Come see what's going to be tomorrow's trends in bridal today with our collection of Luxe dresses from Vera Wang. Our Luxe owns range from $6,500 to $10,000.