To Print or Not to Print: That is the Question

My Inner Monologue #1:
How could you DARE entertain the idea of not printing invitations? This is one of the few traditions we have left, stop trying to make everything technological and electronic. Paper products are special, and you just can’t get that warmth from an email. Besides, think of how many people are going to be disappointed, they’re going to think you’re cheap. After all, they’ll be spending lots of money to fly across the country to see you get married, the least you could do is send them a proper invitation.

My Inner Monologue #2:
You’re really going to kill all those trees, spend all that money, waste all that postage, all for something that people already know about, don’t really need an invitation to, and are going to throw in the trash? Velum, RSVP cards, self-addressed stamped envelopes? I thought you wanted a simple wedding, this is so over-done and not you. Your carbon footprint just tripled, and you’re going to have to keep a spreadsheet anyway. Why not just save yourself the trouble, save the earth, and email people. Grandma is the only one who doesn’t have email, and you can just get her a card or something.

My Inner Monologue #3:
Since you have decided the only more important wedding to happen this decade is MAYBE Prince William and Kate, you’re going to have to come up with the most original invitation idea of all time. Paper is so 20th century, I wonder if you can print on plexiglass? Or send a herald to announce the wedding with a Shakespearean sonnet at their front door. Maybe you could send the info on carrier pigeons. No wait, carrier doves! Doves are much more graceful. Hmm, you could hand etch blocks of ice with a diamond-tipped antique French awl and have them sent on silver trays with your wedding date on them. No, not grand enough…

Okay, so it’s probably more likely you’re stuck between #1 and #2 (though I know you #3’s are out there too, it’s okay, embrace your crazy!) So, how do you decide how to announce your nuptials, and is it really okay to evite your guests?

Well, the answer to that is just like finding your wedding dress, different strokes for different folks kids! An eco-conscious or budget strapped bride might save some serious cash by opting out of the paper products. If you’re a design freak, this may be a great way to announce the vibe of the day and really get the ball rolling! And of course, you can do a mix: electronic save-the-dates, printed invitations, and website-based check-ins as opposed to RSVP cards. The options are endless, but here are a few of my favorite non-traditional ones: - Beautiful designed invitations that you print yourself. No need to bulk order extras you may not use, since you can print them one at a time, and choose your own paper stock and color usage to save even more. - Online wedding invitations that are actually, you know, cool! Plus wedding websites, manage multiple event RSVP lists, customize what your guests can see, and lots more fancy stuff that you didn’t even know you had to organize, plus you’re being, like, soo green! - There’s a reason they’re huge, because they’re good. Economical, lots of options, and really decent designs. And they’re not one-style-fits-all, which I like, a lot! - Modern, fun and so well-designed. uses crowd-sourced design and they have lots of eco-friendly options.