Equal Love, Twice the Dress Up

{photography by cheryl ungar weddings}

With so many new couples being given the right to legally marry in New York, we wanted to congratulate all the wonderful men and women who get to share their love with the world! We’re so excited for every happily engaged couple, and that’s without exception!!!

Unfortunately, we also know that for those couples, not every vendor is always comfortable, or knowledgeable about same-sex union celebrations. I think what makes Anna Be so special is that we’ve always believed that every bride deserves to feel beautiful and special, including those marrying other brides! Just as dresses aren’t one size fits all, or one style fits all, no two people are having the exact same wedding, and we love that we get to be a part of so many different celebrations.

We’ve even been able to host both brides at the same time! Because the shop gives each bride a private dressing room experience, we can keep both dresses a secret, while easily accommodating a party who wants to pop back and forth between both brides. We’ll make sure the looks “work” together, but our lips are sealed if you don’t want her to know what frock you’ll be rocking!

It comes down to this, if you’ve dreamed of that white dress, we’ll make sure you find the right one, while having the best experience possible. And if your better half needs one too, well that’s twice the dress up fun for us, let’s play!