Inspiration - Seeing Spots

Spotted, dotted, whatever you want to call it, dot patterns are super hot. Too casual for a wedding you say? Au contraire mon ami, dots are super chic, and can be modern and whimsical at the same time. Granted a full fledged polka dot party might be a bit too much, but check out all the fun, unexpected places to use a dot pattern on your big day!

Note: When dotting (yes, I just made “dot” a verb) look at the scale of the pattern. A large flocked dot pattern with very little space in-between your dot is going to go mod. A sweet little spot with lots of space in-between each dot is going to go more casual, and varied size/spaced dots can go a lot of ways depending on the colors. My personal favorite combo: a modern close-together dot pattern in equal parts black and white. Then a bit of sunshine yellow, mellowed with pastel aqua and lavender, it’s retro-y without being over the top, and has a great balance of strong and soft.


photo credits: divine domestication, kate spade, cake: matrimonal meg, veil: sibo designs, dress: sweet pea by ivy & aster, photo credit: studio white, dotted paper lantern, pom love, dress: oscar de la renta, photo credit: meg perotti, bruno piatelli, bhldn, shine invitations