interview with michele hart photography

Hiring a photographer can be super stressful. It's a lot of money and crucial that they capture the essence of the day (all of the moments that you'll need reminded happened after that whirlwind of a day). Not to mention that the photographer is the person that you'll spend the most time with on your wedding day (besides your new hubby, hopefully). So, to help you make this big decision, below are some words of advice from photographer Michele Hart on how to interview a wedding photographer and mistakes to avoid. Thanks Michele!

Mistakes to avoid when hiring a photographer:

1. Overlooking a photographer’s personality because you love their photos or pricing. All of your vendors but especially your photographer should be someone you enjoy being around – you are inviting them to your wedding after all! Invest in someone you like and trust – it will make your wedding day a lot less stressful!

2. Listening to everyone else and who they like/liked. This is your wedding! Don’t hire a photographer solely on a recommendation without doing your research to be sure they are right for you.

3. Trying to get too much bang for your buck. Many times we make purchasing decisions on the best value but your photography may not be one of these times. So what if you get 12hrs of photography, 2 parent albums and 3 8x10’s if you don’t really like the photographer’s work in the first place. Why not spend the same amount of money and hire a photographer you love to shoot your wedding for 8hrs with little or no product instead? Your wedding only happens once and your photos will last forever so be sure to get photos you love and invest in the albums later, when budgets allow.

4. Don’t expect an amateur to give you pro results. Weddings are special cases and require special equipment to get good photos. Pro photographers invest a significant amount of money into high quality, low light equipment that people who dabble in wedding photography can’t justify the expense of. This means they may be able to show you a few good photos but likely can’t deliver quality photos on a consistent basis in various situations.