Wedding Inspiration: Everything's Coming Up Orchids

The Days of Wine and Roses might not be completely behind us, but I'm ready to usher in the Era of the Orchid. There are more species of orchid than any other flowering plant in the world, but all are delicate, beautiful, and perfect for weddings. From blood red and granny smith green, to the palest yellows and ivories, my favorite color combo is super soft and subtle. Lavender, spring green, and soft yellow. Orchids are gorgeous textural elements on cakes, look great woven into hairstyles, and play well with other flowers. My favorite is orchids, ici bana style, very sparse and stylised, as opposed to over the top clumps of them, where they start to lose their individual beauty.

If you don't want to go literal, use the shape of the orchid as inspiration. It's very sensual, with bold curving lines, yet soft and delicate. They make sense in tropical settings, but also lend a rare exoticism to an indoor cold weather occasion.

So here's to the orchid, my new flower of choice for the modern wedding!

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