Sweeter the 2nd Time Around

photo caption: Take a cue from Stephanie James, who decided to do a dress HER way when celebrating her 3rd marriage,
and made it fun, flirty, and short...in champagne!

We always joke that hopefully you only shop for a wedding dress once in your life. But we all know that life happens, and not everyone's first marriage ends up being their only marriage. What I love about 2nd time brides is that they have more freedom to do things their way.

Often times, there's a lot of pressure on a young first time bride. Especially if you're the first sibling to get married, or worse yet the last one. Lots of people have expectations, that you should be married by a certain point, or that a wedding should be a certain size to appease dad and his business partners, or mom's social standing with her friends. And since the whole experience is new to you, it's easy to get led to believe things are necessary that really aren't. I'm not saying this is true for every bride, but it's easy for that to happen, and for a wedding to be more costume parade then celebration of two people in love.

So, why do I love you 2nd time bride? Because I think you have the rare opportunity to have perspective on the whole thing. There's a freedom to not have to impress other people the same way, or to do things for them... you get to do it for the two of you. And there's no shame in wanting a big wedding if that's what makes you happy, or wearing a gorgeous dress, or going simple and doing something small. You can serve as an inspiration to first time brides to stay true to yourself, and to put the marriage before the wedding.

Remember to take your memories of bad bridesmaids dresses past, of not getting any of your own wedding cake, or ridiculously uncomfortable 5" heels, and use them to your advantage to have an uncompromising wedding of your dreams with your upgraded groom!