Summer in the City

Despite the fact that Colorado has been wetter than usual the past few weeks (and in turn muggier) there's still no denying that I love summer. Cool summer nights, ice cream, bbq's, flip-flops, ice cream, outdoor festivals, ice cream... it's all the stuff I love, plus ice cream!

For some people, summer conjures up images of lakeside cabins in the woods, beaches alive with boardwalks and carnival rides, or backyards and running through sprinklers. For me, summer was kickball in the street, open fire hydrants, popsicles from the neighborhood corner store, and firefly's out by the bluff overlooking the Hudson. I grew up a city kid, through and through, and while many people try to beat the heat and get away from the concrete jungle when the temperature starts rising, I think there's no better time to celebrate the joys of the city than in the summer... with air conditioning.

So, let's say I've gotten you on board, you've turned to your fiance and said "Michael says a summer city wedding is totally in. Let's do it". First, I applaud your excellent taste and ability to make decisions, but what does that mean for your shin-dig? Well, first things first (as always) it's going to mean very specific things for your dress and venue.

Venue: We have been blessed by not being in a buggy climate. I remember summers of getting eaten alive by mosquitoes growing up, and don't even get me started on black fly season when I lived in Maine! We can usually get away with minimal bug protection on those summer nights, but you'll still want an indoor option in if turns chilly, the bugs are out and about, or like the recent few weeks, it decides to freak thunder storm. I was just at a tented wedding down at Arrowhead that was absolutely stunning, but it got pretty chilly by about 8-9pm.

Brunch weddings could also be very fun in the summer, and you might luck out before the day gets too hot. I think when you start talking mid-afternoon, you have to plan for some serious air-conditioning. As gorgeous as a historic church might be, a 2pm service and no AC might mean some serious sweating going on...not cute.

I do think as lovely as climate-controlled environments are, having something in the summer requires an element of outdoors appreciation. So look for venues with terraces or lawns where people can choose to go out (I hear the pool deck at the new Four Seasons is pretty sweet!) or stay in.

But more importantly, what are you going to wear? Well, you wear what makes you feel beautiful, but for heats sake, here's a couple ideas:
If you want traditional lace, keep it light, unadorned, and slim. Lace can get heavy, and any beading or layers of crinoline are going to weigh you down all day. Satin better by silk! If you want something high sheen, make sure it breathes! A poly satin gown will suffocate your body, and I can't think of much that sounds worse then sweating bullets under your gown (and it staining your dress!). Or keep it easy and breezy in chiffon or organza. These materials scream wedding with their flowy, soft layers, but can still look city chic in the right treatment. And finally, if you're going to go big, go big! If you want a ball gown, get the best made dress you can find, because every layer that's made of lighter, better quality material, means one less layer that's going to keep you from enjoying your day!

More specific ideas? I thought you'd never ask! Take a look at these pairing to get inspired for your summer city chic ceremony and reception!

Look 1: Intimate Casual City Cool
Venue: The rooftop at Vita
Setting: Nighttime with that amazing skyline view. Passed apps and a full menu of signature cocktails
The Dress: Portia, Modern Trousseau



Look 2: Big Summer Bash
Venue: Pool Terrace @ The Four Seasons
Setting: Luxe and Lavish, big florals and sit down dinner
The Dress: Bellflower, Monique Lhuillier


Look 3: Lazy, Hazy, Crazy
Venue: Late Brunch at Lucille's, Ceremony in the Boat House at Wash Park, then lawn games, and bbq in the park
Setting: Casual and fun, informal and full of whimsical personal touches
The Dress: Sweat Pea, Ivy and Aster


Look 4: Summer in THE City
Venue: The Plaza, Central Park, NYC (like there's anywhere else in the world to get married!)
Setting: Pictures in Lincoln Center, Ceremony on the UWS, dinner overlooking Central Park, and an ice cream truck and cab rides awaiting guests at the end
The Dress: The Hillary Duff Dress, Vera Wang