Top 5 Honeymoon Spots You May Not Have Thought Of... That Start with the Letter M

Today's blog is sponsored by the letter M, you know, for marriage. And what's the first thing you want to do after you get married, take a vacation!!! Here are some awesome honeymoon spots I've been to (and/or dreamed of) and why they might be great to consider for your big get away after your big day!

5  Maryland - Beautiful in spring, friendly people, close to awesome cities (Baltimore and DC) without needing to be too close, plus soft shell crab on the Chesapeake Bay? Great if you don't want to go to far or have tons of time, but you want to get away, especially in the late spring when other places might not be opening yet and you can still score sweet off season deals. I'd catch a day in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, maybe a day or two of museums and a stroll around Georgetown in DC, then get as close to water as possible and stay there chilling out as long as you can!


4  the Maldives
- Is Tahiti just not exotic enough for you? I'm with ya, and the brilliantly clear water, perfect balmy weather, and seclusion from, well, everything! It's quite the trek, so you'll want to invest some time there, but if being a beach bum in paradise is your idea of bliss, why not go all the way to these little islands off the southern tip of India that are so small the barely show up as a blip on the map (the largest is barely 2 miles long)



3  Morocco - So close to Europe, this might be a great way to go exotic and still feel close to your European routes. Marrakech is a bustling metropolis where you might be able to snag some amazing deals on new pieces for your newly-wed nest back home, like hand-crafted pottery and rugs. Old movie fan? How about night in an ex-pat bar in Casablanca with your very own Bogart. And amazing Moorish architecture everywhere. For the more adventurous, and you'll want to do your research to keep from stumbling into tourist traps, but an amazing experience of a lifetime.



2  Maine - I'm a sucker for New England. And after spending several summers living and working in Maine, I still fantasize about moving there (lucky for you, it's so god awful cold in the winter, there's no real fear of that happening) But if natural beauty, greenery, charming coastal towns and lobster are high on your list, it's the perfect place to get away. I lived inland, about 45 minutes from the coast of Brunswick, and I love the charm of all the lakes and that mild part of the coast. If you want to stay close to civilization, there are lots of great things in York County (the first over the bridge from New Hampshire) like Portland, where the Old Port seriously looks like it was ripped out of a picture book and it also has some amazing restaurants. The further north you go, the more rustic it gets, but places like Boothbay, Camden and Rockport, and Acadia are so beautiful, you won't miss civilization at all.


1  Malibu to Santa Monica - It's sooo close! Honestly, you could leave your wedding at 6pm and still catch a late night dinner by your hotel around 10pm! I was never a West Coast fan til I went, and I had a blast in Santa Monica. You can walk the pier all the way down through Venice in about an hour. Pick out your favorite house along the canals, then catch amazing food anywhere in the neighborhood. Awesome if you're a shopper (ah, Fred Segal) and a foodie. Or you can go the opposite direction and hop on a bike all the way up to Malibu for quiet and beauty tucked into the cliffs by the beach. Amazing sunsets, amazing spas, and close enough you could recreate your honeymoon on a random long weekend.