Your Bridal Emergency Kit

I've been lucky enough to attend several of my bride's weddings. Both as a friend, and working as part of the prep team. I've steamed dresses, fetched food, done up bustles, undone bustles, redone bustles, delivered last minute jewelry, and all kinds of stuff. Consistently, there seems to always be things in need, and if you're not lucky enough to have me come to your wedding (which can be arranged, by the way) here's a handy kit of things you'll probably need:

The Essentials (I use these every single time):
Fashion tape
Lots of safety pins (of various sizes)
bobby pins
breath mints
extra earrings and earring backs
small sewing scissors
white disposable gloves

Almost Essential (I use these about half the time):
needle and thread
silk pins
alcohol wipes
lint roller
OTC medicine (aspirin, midol, tums)
static remover
make-up wipes
stain stick
(if the dress has a corset tie) silk ribbon for replacement tie

(and because you never know):
clear nail polish
nail polish remover
dental floss
seam ripper
snack bars
small white and clear buttons
an extra headpiece
duct tape
a $20

and of course...
a flask

I might not have been a boyscout, but I know how to be prepared!