Let's Get Some Shoes

[from Hey Lady Shoes]

As Kelly would say, "Oh my god, shoes" You'd be amazing at how many girls come to me with the same problem. "Where can I find wedding shoes in Colorado?" Often times it's not enough "These shoes rule" and too much "These shoes suck". Now it's best not to get me started on the state of shopping in Colorado, but I will breathe, remain positive, and outline what I think are the best resources depending on what you're looking for.

THE Wedding Shoe:

[Celine shoe from MyGlassSlipper.com]

 If you're looking for the perfect shade of ivory to match, heel, potentially sparkly wedding shoe, be prepared for a sea of bad options. There are some cheesy things out there, but if you're ready to sift through, there are definitely some options. I like all the Stuart Weitzman bridal shoes I've seen, and lots of the Badgley Miska's as well. I'd go Zappo's... search by any parameter you want to set, and it's free shipping both ways (I fully recommend ordering in like 4, and returning the other 3... or 2)

• Zappos (online)
• My Glass Slipper (online)

Classic, in my colors:

[metallic Louboutin pumps from Net-a-porter.com]

If you still want something that's a traditional formal shoe, but you want to lay with color, I'd say the world is your oyster... unless you have a pantone swatch. Getting the exact shoe in the exact size at the exact price in the exact color is kind of like going hunting for unicorns. Remember how tough it was to find the right dress? And that you could alter and you were just deciding between ivory and white! I invite you to be okay with a tone of shade in the same family as what you're doing with the maids, or your flowers... you don't want to look like you bought your shoes as part of the bridal decoration set! And go fancy...walk yourself down to Neimans and try on those Jimmy Choos, order those Pradas, get yourself some Gucci! Since they don't scream bridal on their own, you can wear them again (as well you should) and who doesn't need an excuse to dress up out here!

• Neiman Marcus (Cherry Creek)
• Hey Lady Shoes (online) or Marie James (Wash Park)
• Net-a-porter (online)


Heels? I'll face plant halfway down the aisle!:

[striped Prada ballet flat from Nordstrom]

So, not a heels girl, eh? Don't worry, we still love you. Actually we totally admire your ability to say "That's just not my thing" and do it your way... that's what the whole wedding is about! I love strappy sandals in metallics for summer weddings, ballet flats with ballgowns, and I'm dying to see one of my brides rock classic men's inspired oxfords with her dress (think saddle shoes, but awesomer!) At this point, it's more about hitting the right season. If it's summer sandals, you won't be able to start looking really until resort collections are released in early spring (so if it's in Mexico this winter, better get them now before all you can find are bridal Uggs, ugh!)

• Nordstrom (Park Meadows Mall)
• Two Sole Sisters (Boulder)
• True Love (South Broadway)

You know what kind of a shopper you are, so if you're an online fiend, there are plenty of great websites to help you out. If your motto is go local, find an interesting nearby boutique and stay open to a non traditional style, and if you're know Cherry Creek like the back of your hand, a venture out to another mall might be just the horizon expansion you need to find the shoe that fits just right.