Wedding Inspiration: Swingin' Sixties

Ready to make your own Summer of Love with your Honey? Take a cue from the free-flowing, free-thinking hippie generation. Try a modern, grown-up twist on the easy breezy summer lawn party, fresh dewey make-up, easy shapes where good vibes abound, and squares are not allowed. Groovy!

photo credit: WeddingBee,, Athropologie, Junko Yoshioka, Nicole Miller, w-wedding flowers, Anna Be, Flickr

Some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Classic 60's color combo: orange, purple/pink, and sunshine yellow
  • Daisies are bright, cheerful, and inexpensive, so you can really go big on
    floral displays
  • Soft, flowing shapes are great, and mix in fun prints like paisley for girls and
    guys alike
  • Nothing says 60's like crochet!
  • A great graphic backdrop and an old film camera could make an amazing throw-back photo booth
  • When in doubt, less is more: lighter make-up, less jewelry, less product, less stress!