What's it Like on the Other Side?

photo by kara pearson photography

I get asked a lot what it's like to work in a bridal store, and truth is, it's awesome. We're surrounded by gorgeous things all day and we get to help happy people find the most significant garment they'll ever wear. So, are you up to the challenge? Because ladies,
we're hiring!
Yes, you too can learn about all things bridal and be a part of hundreds of girls' special days. So, I've decided to take it upon myself to tell you what I'd like in a co-worker, because let's face it, I'm going on 2 1/2 years at Anna Be, I'm around to stay which means we get to be co-workers! :)

I think the biggest part of the job is, you have to get it. I know, helpful right? Let me explain. There are tons of factors that go into making a wedding, and these happen all on top of people's busy lives. They're juggling family, in-laws, budgets, work schedules, travel arrangements, design work, choices they never thought about, and tons of things that can add stress to what is supposed to be (and hopefully works out to be) a joyous occasion.

We serve a lot of functions above and beyond just a place where you buy your dress. It's a place where girls can talk about their wedding without worrying about eye rolling fiancés, a place where they can ask those of us who have "seen it all" and dedicate our time to knowing what's chic and keep them from going off the trendy deep end. We can be a safe place where a bride doesn't have to focus on anything other than how beautiful she looks. And sometimes we're a place where opinions clash (mom loves "sparkle", bride wants simple).

So, I think my future fellow stylist should understand we're here for brides in a lot of different ways. To get her point across to mom or a seamstress, to help open her up to possibilities, to suggest flowers, a photographer, or bridesmaids gifts.  I don't eat, sleep, and breathe wedding, but you better believe I know my stuff, and I'm there to offer opinions with the caveat that, it's not my wedding, and it's really about empowering the bride to do the things she loves while looking her best.

We solve problems: when a sash comes in the wrong color, we figure out how to solve it, if a dress gets delayed, we figure out a schedule to get things back on track.

We "know it all": want to know the difference between silk barathea and gazar, or how to tell if you can do a bubble bustle?

We work hard: I can take 5 bridal appointments, measure and go over contracts, talk to walk-ins, schedule appointments, receive a shipment, and design a headpiece all in one day.

And we have a ridiculous amount of fun: think about it, you're surrounded by wedding dresses, and who doesn't want to try on a piece of Monique Lhuillier perfection on a quiet afternoon with the owners, or grab some pizza from Pasquini's during a staff meeting?

Somebody fun, quick on their feet, who doesn't mind a good days work when work is making people feel beautiful! Is that you? Then come join me!