15 things you need to know about alterations {part 2}

{continued from yesterday...}

Some additional handy things to keep in mind about alterations:

#6: Seamstresses usually charge by the hour, so more complicated alterations cost more money. If you already love the dress, the simplest thing to do is follow the path laid out, and let the seamstress use the simplest, easiest way to fit your dress. She'll always try to save you money.

#7: A hem is only done in the front of the dress, then eased into the sides to preserve the full train. Want the train shorter too, that's at least double the labor to hand finish all the way around your dress.

#8: The dress shape is the dress shape: The seamstress is there so the shape in the dress falls properly on you, not to reinvent the shape of the dress. An A-line will never work as a mermaid and vice versa, the underlying structure has to be there first, and a seamstress can't add that.

#9: If there's something you're not sure if it can be done, ask. It might be super easy, it might take a little engineering, or it might be impossible, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

#10: Fabrics can have a mind of their own, and a seamstress cannot make a fabric behave differently, even with a good scolding.

#11: Fabric is soft and 3 dimensional, so hard clean lines need a lot of other structure to stay that way. Rouching is often designed to be soft, and pressing it into hard lines looks funny.

#12: There will be things you never thought of that come with the dress (you can't do the bustle the way you thought because they layers won't hold, something like that). As I'm sure you've learned in the process already, roll with the punches, be open to finding solutions, and we'll find a beautiful answer.

#13: Fabric needs to bend with you, so dresses will wrinkle/shift when you move (if the dress can't buckle at the waist, you can't sit down)

#14: Your seamstress can only fit the body that's in front of her. If you drop weight between your final fitting and your wedding, the dress will not magically change with you. Make staying healthy and a stable weight a priority in the weeks before the wedding, and don't let stress compromise the fit of your dress.

#15: Some things will come out in pressing. Weird wrinkles or lines aren't always permanent. If a seamstress says it will, I'm sure it will. If you're really concerned, get a 2nd opinion (seamstresses are human, and sometimes they're wrong too)

And after all of this, even a dress with perfect fit should still have an emergency kit at the wedding, just in case. Remember Murphy's Law? He loooves showing up to weddings (tips on what should be in your emergency kit).