Best/Worst Wedding Movies of All Time

Think "Love, Wedding, Marriage" may have sealed the coffin on Mandy Moore's movie career? Do you adore "Bridesmaids"? And can you take another "Hangover" headache? Here's my personal list of the 5 best and worst wedding movies of all time. Feel free to agree, disagree, correct, rant, quote, or weigh in with your own personal list!


Top Five - BEST

5 - The Sweetest Thing
Roadtripping Cameron Diaz and Selma Blair are comic genius!

4 - Mamma Mia!
Who doesn't love a wedding movie they can sing along to?!

3 - The Wedding Singer
Speaking of singing, Adam Sandler's tribute to the 80's is surprisingly heartfelt, while remaining hilarious

2 - My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding
Oh so quotable, oh so relatable, because weddings always bring out the best in crazy relatives

1 - My Best Friend's Wedding
Julia Roberts at her finest: dry, witty, sweet, sad, plus Rupert Everett AND Dermot Mulroney, yes please!

Top Five - WORST

5 - The Wedding Planner
Jenny from the block couldn't quite carry the high-ticket wedding look, and too high a cheese ratio on this one.
4 - Bride Wars
Shallow and insulting to the wedding industry. This movie was painfully overblown and lacked any substance

3 - Made of Honor
What happens when you try to remake My Best Friend's Wedding with Patrick Dempsey? Not much...boring!

2 - American Wedding
The American Pie people should have left well enough alone. Band camp to wedding bells just isn't funny.

1 - The Proposal
I don't care how nice Ryan Reynolds is to look at. Bad acting, bad script, bad plot, even Betty White couldn't save this one.

And the BEST WORST Wedding Movie of All Time

Sex and the City: The Movie
It's shallow and vapid and lavish and obnoxious and I love it so much! I mean, it's so glossy and over the top, how can you not love it?! Plus there's a wedding dress mauntage, and even a bit of a message. Don't let your wedding become more important than your marriage!!!