OMG (Oh My Gown!) Steal of the Week | May 27

Junko Yoshioka - Lisette

One of my favorite dresses of all time. Sophisticated, modern, chic, sexy, fun... I want to be a guest at the wedding where a girl is wearing this dress. It conjures images of Bob Mackie, or 50's Dior, with that true mermaid shape. The overlay with strong architectural lines, and two tone bodice and tulle flounce skirt feel really fashion forward (without being too trendy!) This dress is dying to be worn in an art gallery, or on the grounds of some mid-century modern house or a sculpture garden, it makes me think of the Contemporary in Honolulu. Hand made in New York by a designer only carried in a handful of shops around the world, it's a true couture gown and one of a kind! I love the idea of a statement dress being worn with a statement necklace!!! We layered three pieces together, all with golden shadow stones to play up the golden/ivory accents in the dress.

Originally $4620/ Sample $2772, Size 10