Classic Cake Style

We talk alot at Anna Be about timeless design. Will your dress stand up to the test of time or will it look sooo 2011. Some brides still have nightmares of bad 80's looks with puffy sleeves and lace headdresses. The same can be said of wedding cakes. Let's face it, the days of red roses and vines over a slick fondant surface are over. And being from the land of "so five minutes ago" (ah, New York) I'm already over a lot of other trends like needlepoint/stitch look designs or funky off-kilter layers, black and white damask motifs, or worst of all, "funny cakes" (the little groomsmen figurines cutting off layers, skiing down the cake "slopes" or other realistic landscapes). Nope, I want classic, gorgeous, all-white confections with dressmaker detailing; folded fondant that looks like layers of satin, gossamer thin sugar snowflakes and tone on tone on tone all-over appliques that have dimension and texture.... thoroughly modern, fun, clean, and classic.

As far as the filling, get your favorite flavor (mine would be chocolate/chocolate/chocolate) and who cares about the color... once the cake is cut, it's not for looking at, it's for eating!!!