Crazy Couture

 "People who wear impressive clothes lead impressive lives"
-Vivienne Westwood

It should come as no shock to anyone who has met me that I love fancy wedding dresses. Big skirts, ruffles, lace, layers, just lots of stuff. I've actually told many of my brides that the world is a better place because I will never be a bride and will never go dress shopping, because I would probably be the ultimate over the top hot mess bridezilla.
Then again, the truth is that I just love fashion, and wanting an over-the-top, gorgeous look on my wedding day really isn't so wrong.
 I have lots of bride's who want something simple, chic, and understated, and I love that too. A wedding dress should be a dressed-up version of you, not costumey or look like you're playing dress up. Denver's a pretty casual city, and there's nothing more ridiculous than fashion that's out of place (stilettos in the garden? you're just going to aerate the lawn!) But, if you've got the right venue, and the right personality, why not make a statement too and just go couture!
Here are three crazy over-the-top looks to inspire your wedding from the late great Alexander McQueen, who is currently being featured in a retrospective at the Met. And, we've also paired each of these with a dress from our own collection that might be a little more wearable for the big day :)

Modern Trousseau - Kendra

Vera Wang - Erin

Bliss by Monique Lhuillier - 


by Michael Emmit