Art Nouveau Wedding Inspiration

For those of you looking for vintage inspiration that'd just a little different, the dark, sensual lines of Art Nouveau might just give your evening affair some serious pop. Think golds and silvers, mixed with deep chocolate and pale blushes and nudes. The richness of all these colors make your ivory dress really pop, and makes everyone's skin glow!

If you want glam without going 40's Hollywood bombshell, this might give you just the twist you were looking for. And don't forget that playing with era's are a fun way to influence your look, not to throw a theme party, so mix it into your overall vision!

Art Nouveau Ideas

• Keep in shiny: high sheen makes dark colors glow and reflect light beautifully
• Little damask birdies for escort cards/favors...even embroidered with your names/date
• A swanky absinthe bar for the late-night adventurous types
• Dress-wise, think drop waist, long and lean; lines clear straight through the body, making you look tall and statuesque
• Do it right: Nouveau or Deco Decorations only work when you're consistent with the color story, all the decoration looks out
  of place without the right soft warm glow
• Mix Your Metals: Gold, silver, copper, bronze, zinc, they all work together for era appropriateness. banded details of different
  metal colored ribbons would look very chic tied around a bouquet
• The 20's was a time obsessed with astrology and mysticism: a perfect look for a ceremony under the stars.