Striking a Bridal Pose 101

There is a pivotal moment on your wedding day. You're hair and your face look the part of a renaissance painter's muse, and you're about to slip into that white dress to pale all white dresses you will ever wear in your life. I've heard it before, heck I've even thought it; and I'll hear it again. "Photos and blurred memories are all we will be left with after our wedding. Shouldn't it be perfect?!"

You're finally wearing your dress, with the help of a doting entourage.You hear the unmistakable clicking away coming from the photographer's general direction. Let the posing commence...

Maybe it's been your dream to wear a mermaid style gown, and pose like a mermaid right out of a Disney movie!

image via David Bergman

Perhaps striking a pose to give the Vogue models a run for their money is your talent...

image via Vanity Fair

A grande pose for a grande event seems appropriate, right?

image via LIFE magazine

And who doesn't want a classic portrait pose to hang among your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents who have wed before you...

Image via corbis

Maybe your dress can pose for itself, while you run to freshen up!

image bier basis paper design

But when you're album is finished, and the celebratory dust has settled, you'll find a few quiet moments to sit and look through all the wonderful images of the day...

via Paige Elizabeth

You'll find that a picture can transport you right to that very moment, that feeling, on that day...

And don't be surprised to find that your favorite pose...

via Brinton Studios


wasn't a pose at all. :)

via beloved