Kick out the jams.

photography by otto schultz photographers

it’s funny to love working in a bridal shop -- as a wedding dress stylist none the less -- without having any intention or desire to actually be a bride, put on the dress, and get married. well, for right now at least.  

now, it should be noted however, that while I may not necessarily be all geared up to be that bride-to-be myself, that doesn’t mean that I don’t know EXACTLY what I would want for my own down-the-road wedding.  and it is so important to be picky and choose-y, something that I am certainly outstanding at -- you know, with your dress, your shoes, your guest list, your colors, your flowers, your bridesmaids, your bridesmaids dresses, your hairdo, your makeup, your desserts, dinner and appetizers, your fiance, your veil, your accessories...sure, all those things are important.  sure, your guests will remember how bomb your dress was, how dynamite your shoes were, how mouthwatering the food was, how fresh your colors looked, how cute the little monogrammed champagne glasses that you gave out were.    

but what will be most memorable for them?  what will be the discerning factor, that sets your wedding apart from your best friend’s upcoming wedding?  what will make your guests leave all, “oh my god, that party was the tops!”?  music choice. boom.

let’s face it -- it’s your wedding day, and you’re going to look amazing, stunning, dashing, jaw-dropping, no matter what -- but your dress has got to be able to show off those sweet dance moves you’ve been practicing your whole life in front of the mirror that your fiance loves you for.  the music chosen at a wedding is like choosing a song to impress at karaoke.  yea yea, everyone loves the favorites, there’s always the sure hits, the guaranteed crowd pleasers.  but the term “dark horse” exists for a reason.  there’s something about hearing a song you love so much -- but haven’t heard in a long time, for whatever reason -- in a place surrounded by love.  songs can create great memories, and what better way to create a memory that connects songs you love so much -- with one of the greatest parties of all time.    
I like to consider myself as a bit of a music maven, more technically known as a music control freak.  i get cranky when i don’t get to pick our pandora selection, i live to create playlists for parties, and i love picking specific songs for specific situations. so, according to my inability to not control myself when it comes to needing to control music selection, here are a few musical dark horses i’d include at my one-day wedding.  after all, it is the one day you get to plan everything your way, from top to bottom -- why should that not include the music?   

you send me - sam cooke
here i am (come and take me) - al green
god only knows - beach boys
baby i love you  - the ronettes
born to run - bruce springsteen -- would have to be during, or right after “you may kiss the bride.”  also all the guests at the ceremony would have to fist pump.

going to the chapel of love - the shirelles
two of us - the beatles
tangled up in blue - bob dylan
i want you - bob dylan
be my baby - the ronnettes
please mr. postman - the beatles (cover)
heroes - david bowie

first dance:
don’t worry baby - the beach boys

father daughter dance:
sunny - bobby hebb

other noteable slow songs:
when a man loves a woman - percy sledge
can’t take my eyes off you -- frankie valli
only living boy in new york - simon and garfunkel
leavin’ on a midnight train to georgia - gladys night & the pips  
can’t help falling in love with you - elvis
stand by me - ben e. king

end of the party songs:
hey jude - the beatles
we are the champions - queen
bye bye blackbird - joe cocker
once in a lifetime - the talking heads

last song of the night:
you don’t know me - ray charles

all jazz.  it is physically impossible for me to not sing a long or dance to any song with lyrics and a beat.  so while i’m eating, i want to be eating.  not dancing.  

oh, actually i started making this list, and it was way too long.  that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.  

and there you have it.  a few dark horses to roam around my wedding party, amidst the festive favorites.  just, surely, remember to wear comfortable shoes. and don’t call me shirley.