Colour Lovers: the greatest website of all time!

Stuck for wedding color ideas? Need expert advice for a fresh, modern wedding palatte? Does the sight of a pantone wheel make you a little dizzy and disoriented? Have no fear, Colour Lovers is here!
One of the coolest websites for brides because, well, it wasn't made for brides. It's a designers best friend/palette generator/color inspiration mecca! No log-in necessary to browse millions of colors, palettes, patterns, and lots more! There's an entire section for Wedding inspiration and blog posts, but I like digging a little deeper into other areas like Fashion, Print, or just searching all palettes with my favorite words (users name palettes, so words like "panda", "sweet", and "endless" turn up some interesting results!)
Now, what to do with these palettes? They can help figure out a great accent color for the guy's bowties, and interesting combo to mix napkins/favors/cards, or just alleviate one color from doing all the work... and having your reception look like it was drown in pepto pink.
If you get really fancy, every color is also marked with its HEX value (marked with a "#" then 6 letters or numbers) which is the computer code for that exact color, like a digital paint swatch. You can bring those in to your florist/invitations diva/planner so they know what you mean and don't glaze over with a look of sheer panic when you say: "deep bluish green with a hint of gray and sort of an undertone of lilac, but not too lilac-y"
So hopefully you can be a colour lover too, because colour is good... let there be colour!


p.s. below are a couple of wedding trend combos. enjoy!








Disco & Gabbana, rich warm deep colors for a fashion forward fall wedding


50's Haute Couture, peachy ivory, balances with pale icy tones. looks fresh for winter, or a breath of fresh air in summer.


My Own Rocket Ship, complex corals and purple. great for smoky glamour in spring, summer, or any time!