oh succulents, how i love thee

i love succulents plants. LOVE. every time we see succulents, which is a lot more these days, i point them out to anna. here's how the interaction goes -

BRE: oh! anna! look! succulents! aren't they so beautiful?! i LOVE them.

ANNA: [very unenthusiastically] great. why don't you write a blog post about it.

so, here we are. I've finally decided to write the blog post about succulents. after doing some research i was elated to find that a lot more couples were using succulents as a motif in their wedding theme. as it turns out a lot of these weddings are in southern california, where you can find succulents on the side of any local highway, but just go with it. for those of you who don't know what succulent plants are, here is some more info.

i'm not really sure why i'm so drawn to succulents, maybe it's their architectural lines, their unapologetic spiky-ness or the fact that i can water them once in a blue moon and they live to tell the tale. there is just something so graphic and simple about them. like i said, i LOVE them. I had about 50 images of examples of succulents in weddings that i wanted to share with you but I had to narrow them down to the 16 included. you can use them as favors, striking bouquet elements, hair pieces, table decor, boutonniere, really anything. enjoy!