The 12 Palates of Christmas - #1

#1 - White Christmas

Now, by white, I actually mean more of an ivory christmas, warm white everywhere, knitted, glitter, linen, velvet, voile, wood, rugs, flowers, everything! It doesn't make you in a white dress any less special. On the contrary, it almost makes it look as though your dress has encompassed the whole room, and your face and skin really shines. The way to keep the whole look from going over the top is to remember that all white and sparkly might start to blind people. Mix your textures, get lots of matte white along with the glossy. Make sure your room doesn't have any heavy, dark features that will pull attention when you've pulled the color out of the room, and enjoy the natural variation in the white, there's no way to get everything the exact same shade, and the natural blush or gold or blue that comes out in the light will be a super subtle detail that will make the white look richer!

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