Party in your Dress!

With a season full of social obligations, parties, events, and other reasons to get dressed up, I've been inspired to write about something we always say we'd love to see a bride do: wear her dress again! Now, this is only going to be for the fashion adventurous and those who don't have sentimental value about preserving their dress as is, because trying to work a wedding gown into your normal wardrobe isn't easy, but let me show you a couple ways to do it.

#1: Chop It!
If you have a dress with a low flounce or skirt seam, consider shortening your dress into cocktail length. Removing the fullness at the bottom and cropping the shape will really take your bridal look and make it party worthy. If you have a full skirt it's a little tricker, but removing a crinoline and hemming to just above the knee could give you something girly and flirty.

OR chop your dress in half and consider using just the bodice or skirt. A drop waist bodice cut and refinished could go under a blazer and great skirt combo. A tulle skirt could float under a colored cami and look super cool.

Works when: You already have a trumpet/mermaid gown with a low seam where the skirt "pops" or a dress with a plain skirt with no detail below the bodice

Doesn't work when: you have lots of applique or skirt details you'd cut in the middle of, or modified a-lines (without some major reconstruction)

#2: Dye Job!
It's not uncommon with a sleeker silhouette gown to imagine it being red-carpet ready in another color. Well, now that it's lived its life in ivory, why not give your dress that chance. Dyeing is not for the faint of heart, and it's tricky to get the exact shade right, so best to go super dark (black, midnight, charcoal) or super strong (fire engine red, sapphire blue) and don't expect to match a color swatch, just get it into the right color family.

Works when: You have a dress you can already envision in another color, sheath cut, short, more "glamourous" gowns

Doesn't work when: It's a super traditional shape or is full lace, it still may look to bridal to pass.

#3: Re-FABRICate!

If the lines are your dress are too difficult to work into a new look, consider using that amazing fabric and making a new piece. Organza skirts give you nice big swaths of fabric and could make an amazing bolero. You could patchwork a skirt with smaller pieces, seamed together in an asymmetrical way to give a funky twist to your classic satin. The possibilities are endless!!!

works when: well, there's always away to repurpose fabric, just remember you can' uncut your dress, so once you go there, there's no going back!

If you have cool ideas on how to reuse your dress in a new and fun way, we'd love to hear them! And if you're interested in something like this but just don't know where to start, we have amazing seamstresses we can recommend and a whole staff who would love to get designing for you!