The 12 Palates of Christmas - #6

#6 - Silver and Gold

If there's one thing about holiday decorations no matter what color, they're almost always super shiny! So stick to the basics, and let the whole palate be a neutral wonder on silvers and golds. And bronze and platinum and copper and any other metal you want! The key to making this really dazzle is to keep going, but keep the lights low. With all the light that bounces around, trust all the reflective surfaces to do the work for you, and give it lots to do!!! Layer metallics over mirror, silver on silver, and spray paint will become your best friend! And the low, reflecting light will make everyone's skin tones look good. I mean, since when is excess a bad thing?

photo credits: wedding gown by modern trousseau, gold cake, silver pompom drink stirrers, gold feather hair accessory, gold sequin dress, metallic gold ball jar, table setting, bridesmaid gowns, vintage sequin purse, bride and groom signage, metallic pears, mrs sign, table setting