The 12 Palates of Christmas - #10

#10 Currier and Ives

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets nostalgic around Christmas time, remembering childhood Christmases filled with excitement and wonder. And growing up in the Hudson Valley (not technically but may as well be New England) there were times it felt like living inside a Currier and Ives painting. The bustling but smiling people, the  rolling hills and bare tree trunks set against a misty gray sky. It has all the makings of a perfect wedding palate: subtle rich grays and blues tinted with white, and popped with little bursts of ruddy orange and red, silvery sapphire, and touches of caramel brown.

If you're thinking Vintage Victorian with soft edges, nostalgia, and warmth by the fire, this may be just the inspiration you were looking for!