The Twelve Palates of Christmas - #12

As a holiday project combining my Martha Stewart decorating tendencies, my obsession with color palates, and love of all things wedding with the joys of the holiday season, I'm bringing you twelve great color palate ideas for winter weddings. Look for these all coming in the next week and enjoy the variety that a winter inspiration can take...

Palate #12 - The Gift of the Magi
Imagine exotic lands, rich gifts, the warm glow of jewel tones against a snowy white backdrop. Warm the space with layers of gold followed by a cavalcade of jewel tones: ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, garnet. The more super saturated and shiny, the better. Choosing a bold palate like this will immediately warm everyone up and let them forget the bleak weather outside. It's truly transformative and couldn't be cooler for warming things up!

photo credits: interior photo, glass vases, rug, flowers, rings