Imagine the Possibilities

I have a new wedding obsession, and it's wedding videography, thanks to Velare Imaginarium.

I don't even think videography registered on my list of important things at a wedding until this past season, when all of a sudden I became enamored with moving images. Film/video/movies/moving images/talkies, whatever you'd like to call them, have a special power and meaning to them. Think of how powerful movies have been in your life, how often you quote a film, how hard you laugh at a movie, or cry for that matter. The combination of movement, words, sound, and pictures make moving art, and now that it's so easy to upload videos and have them available anywhere in the world, it's a perfect way to share your wedding with people who can't be there.

The guys from Velare have truly inspired me to believe that wedding videos can be unique, special, and works of art (click here to see how!). I now have every intention of shooting video at my wedding and creating moving memories. They captured the FIVE party beautifully and we think they'd be the perfect addition to your wedding team.

Even if you don't hire professional videographers for your wedding, consider adding a video element to preserve memories. Designate a camera to catch a video guestbook, or encourage a friend who loves taking video to capture all the little things you missed on your wedding day. You'll be glad you did!

Here's how they interpreted our event - FIVE:

 p.s. click here to read an interview with Velare Imaginarium