Modern Trousseau

Weddings come along with their own specialized vocabulary, about dresses, invitations, bouquet shapes, etiquette guides, and dozens of other things we never needed to know before now. One of my favorite new words to learn however, was trousseau: the "bundle" (based on the French "trousse") a bride assembles to prepare her for married life. In Victorian times, this would be new linens for her home, as well as an entire wardrobe. The wedding dress, new nightgowns, outfits, and entire collection of items to last from the wedding through the honeymoon and on into newlywed life.

The modern version on that is of course, the wedding dress. Now seen by most people as the most important garment a woman will every wear. It's the one place we still put the same care and attention on an article of clothing as we used to do with everything we wore, before department store or off the rack clothing, when everything was made by hand.

We love having trunk shows with Modern Trousseau, because they understand the craftmanship of making someone's wedding dress, and it shows. From being made one at a time in their Connecticut studios, to having staff members specialize in parts of the garment to give the best expertise (there is a single woman personally responsible for each and every sash they make), to being completely open to customizations on any of their designs. That's why on our birthday (we opened exactly five years ago, the day after Thanksgiving) we're having one of our favorite lines in for a trunk show, showing off some of the best gowns we could think of to complete your modern trousseau!