Wedding Style/Home Style

I’ve been on a home styling kick lately. Some people know that in a previous life (that I like to call BB, Before Bridal) I worked in interiors, designing high-end residences for a company in Cherry Creek. And I’m in a bit of a nesting phase myself, being a magpie and accumulating little bits of pretty for around my house.

Your wedding is probably giving you a valuable glimpse into how you and your fiancé’s styles align (or collide as sometimes the case may be). This can be really valuable as you shop for registry items, or as you put a home together. Even if you already live together, it can have a bit of a honeymoon with your house too, and take the newfound time you have now that wedding planning is over, and focus on the house.

Think of wedding decorations that might transition into your house, my rule of thumb is the less “wedding-y” it is, the better. If someone made you little felt birds to decorate the tables with, perch a few on a shelf or at the edge of your breakfast counter to encourage a little smile. Or if you decided to find your own vintage flatware for your wedding, don’t register for a new set, use the pieces you’ve already amassed.

This also works for new items. You’ve now gone through a major style project together, and since you’ve discovered he likes strong traditional lines and you like cozy soft textures, you’re well armed for sofa shopping or finding other furniture pieces for your home.

When you think of all the things you learn about your styles and about each other when planning a wedding, it’d be a shame if it all stopped there. Use your new found knowledge and let wedding bliss help you revive your home as well!