Pintrest your Interests!


I'm a bit of a bridal blog junkie. I can easily loose an entire 24 hours cruising through online bridal hotspots, ooh-ing and ahh-ing and trying to remember every great element I see for my gorgeous, lavish, over the top imaginary wedding. But since you're actually planning a wedding, this tool will come super in handy. And even if you're a dreamer like me, there's a million other uses for my new favorite site, Pinterest.

Pinterest is a spin on the bookmarking or favorites idea, but just for images. Lots of times we're just shopping for images to get inspired, to look for practical solutions, or to figure out how to recreate a look we love. Pinterest allows you to create online inspiration boards with little notes and links to visually organize your wedding plans. Plus you can follow other people, view their boards, and be inspired by what others are doing all around the world.

My favorite is finding an image you love, and seeing how differently it's used on all sorts of different Pinterest boards. And the site is also great for entertaining ideas, DIY projects, home decor, fashion, basically anything that'll help with a visual reference. It's already helped me be inspired to paint my own curtains, plan a birthday party, make new art for my walls, and visually design the pie show I think Denver needs so bad, in addition to my imagined wedding plans! And just think, no need to carry around a clunky binder or rip images out of magazines, you can log into your Pinterest anywhere and show your board to vendors to give them a real visual reference to what you love!

It's still new, so you have to request an invite to sign-up and start your own boards, but surfing through other people's ideas is completely open and free.  Check it out and start Pinteresting already!