Style Inspiration: Fall

Fall is my favorite season. No hesitation, no questions, no "well spring is really nice because...", nope, I'm all fall! It makes me think of my birthday, sweater season, warm drinks, walking through the park with crunching leaves under my feet, the first smells of frost in the morning, golden sunsets, approaching holidays, and in general just makes me happy. And apparently it runs in the family, both my parents and my sister chose the fall for their weddings. My sister did Labor Day weekend, celebrating the end of summer in a manor house overlooking a manicured lawn in the Finger Lakes region of New York. And my parents still talk about their 20 person wedding (including the one-man band) in a tiny reception hall just steps from the beauty of the Hudson River on October 17, 1982. And now that the season is a-changin' I thought it was time to share some fall loving with you. So, some inspiration to fall in love with a fall wedding:


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Fall is the perfect time to celebrate warmth and togetherness. Think of rich vignettes with warm colors: oranges, reds, and golds. You can balance a lot of that fire with a cool deep eggplant color or navy, and ivory is the natural balance to keep things light.

Don't forget this is harvest season, a perfect time to go local and natural with your food. Later in the season you'll have amazing squash, and we just came through peak peach season. Flavors this time of year are about comfort over refinement, so nourish you guests with goodies that speak to the season.

It starts getting chilly at night, so think of a wrap or cover-up idea if you'll be outdoors. It can be a great way to add color or texture to a simple gown, or give you a new neckline option.

Everyone's skin looks amazing and warm under the glow of candlelight, now is the season to play that up and make everyone at your wedding look and feel fabulous

Fall's the time to bring everyone in. We start getting ready for winter and bundling up. Fall is perfect for having your loved ones close and being together. What better way to do that than with your wedding?